APIRG was founded by a student campaign.


APIRG elected its first Board of Directors. APIRG opened its doors to the campus community, setting up a resource centre in the HUB Mall, hiring two staff members, and accepting proposals for Working Groups. During its inaugural year, APIRG also set up the Library, supported the creation of over 20 new Working Groups, produced pamphlets, brochures, and other literature, hosted events, formed partnerships, and developed policies.


APIRG built on the foundation laid in previous years, developing policies and completing bylaws. APIRG incorporated as a non-profit society in April 2004, APIRG's support aided in the creation of numerous Working Groups and helped students to attend conferences. The APIRG Resource Centre boasted a collection of nearly 500 books, over 40 videos, and numerous magazines, literary journals, and other publications. APIRG published two issues of "The Porcupine Quill,", hosted a successful Open Mic/Appreciation event, and collaborated with other Canadian PIRGs, local organizations, and student groups. 


A collective agreement with the University's Non-Academic Staff Association came into effect.


APIRG gave out $36,222 in direct grants to student events, activities, and projects, and also supported student initiatives through publications, the Library, and educational workshops. APIRG hosted Disorganize!, a three-day alternative orientation to the University of Alberta and Edmonton. 


APIRG developed an Inter-disbursement and Emergency Fund Policy, clarifying the need and appropriate uses for the fund. APIRG renegotiated the collective agreement. APIRG held events such as Disorganize! 2006, Splice of Life, World Water Day, and Ray Rogers' International Week events.


APIRG held Disorganize! 2007 and undertook many internal projects and events in an effort to expose U of A students to a variety of issues and causes. The APIRG Board took initiative in terms of engaging each other in the decision making process and being clear on their vision for the organization. 


APIRG increased its capacity in supporting groups by hosting a monthly workshop series on topics such as media training, logo design, volunteer management, and activists' burn out.


The Project, Event, and Training Fund was increased to $18,000. APIRG focused on increasing capacity in Working Groups that it supported. APIRG hosted a monthly workshop series organized and presented by APIRG staff, Working Group members, and guests. 


APIRG focused the 2010/2011 Toolkit Series on the theme "Art and Resistance", holding a series of workshops on the topic. APIRG continued to host a number of events and workshops. APIRG distributed $17,000 through its Project and Events fund. 


 APIRG gave voting rights to community members, allowing them to sit on the Board.


APIRG ran two streams of programming in tandem: "Knowledge Economies" and "Alternative Health Education". APIRG committed over $27,000 in direct grants and in-kind support across three funding rounds to student campaigns, events, activties, and projects as well as community groups addressing issues in the undergraduate and larger communities' public interest. 


In March, APIRG hosted International Women's Day Events with Laverne Cox and Angela Davis. 


In March, APIRG hosted the first Interactions of Queer in collaboration with The Landing.


APIRG committed over $30,000 in direct grants and in-kind support across two funding rounds to student campaigns, events, activities, and projects as well as community groups addressing issues in the undergraduate and larger communities' public interest. APIRG sponsored Indigenous Feminism: Decolonization, Pedagogy, and Resurgence (March 16-17th, 2017), Intersections of Queer Symposium (March 10th, 2017), and hosted the first annual A Week of Liberation in collaboration with the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services.


The Event/Project/Research funidng line received 52 applications and funded 27 events, projects, and research initiatives up to $2000 each.


This period saw the weeding of the Library and the establishment of the Library Committee. The Almanac was introduced, curated and organized by Ryanna Brattland and designed by Joy Olagoke. The APIRG Board approved $20,000 in new funding to support students activists in meeting community needs at a time of increasing social isolation and difficulty due to the pandemic. APIRG started two book clubs in Winter 2020. Meara started the Meme Analysis and Creation Committee on the APIRG Instagram page in March 2020.


APIRG created the second edition of the APIRG Almanac. APIRG's volunteer-based Library Committee guided and maintained Library activities. The Library Committee started researching and creating policies for the APIRG Archive. The APIRG staff offered free workshops on anti-oppression, consensus-based decision-making, accessible event planning, and other topics tailored to group needs.  The Event/Project/Research funding line received 29 applications and funded 23 events, projects, and research initiatives up to $2000 each.


APIRG created the third edition of the APIRG Almanac. In March 2022, APIRG ran a plebiscite campaign in the Students' Union election to continue their funding, but were not successful in winning the student vote.


In March, a referendum vote will take place to reinstate funding through a small, optional student fee.



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